Do you enjoy singing? If you never skip an anime opening to sing along with, do not hesitate and come to show us your favourite song on our stage!

The competition is not just to show off your singing skills, but also to impress and entertain the audience. So you can improve your performance by videoclip, dance or you may invite your friends as support on stage. Every effort is certainly appreciated!


Contest rules

  • Karaoke competition is divided into two categories: SOLO and GROUPS. Contestants can sign in to both categories, with one performance in each category. (note: in the case of a low number of signed performances in one of the categories, both categories merge)
  • winners in both categories are selected by viewers + it is possible to obtain „jury prize“
  • song selection is free, with a length of approximately 3:30 min (may not exceed 4 minutes)
  • competitors may sign in by sending an email to karaoke.nipponfest@gmail.com, which must include the following information:

Solo / group:

Name and surname of performers:

Nick (pronunciation): / optional /

Artist name:

Track name:

Length of track:

Notes: / optional /

  • registration ends on 15.11.2017 (registration will be confirmed within 5 days)
  • audio/video background without the main vocals have to be sent by 15.11.2017 to the email address karaoke.nipponfest@gmail.com

Questions about the competition also direct to karaoke.nipponfest@gmail.com.

We are looking forward to your participation!