Last minute cosplay battle

We start our own small festival contest that tests your creativity and ability to create under pressure! What is the last minute cosplay cosplay battle? The competition is intended for 2-4-member teams that lack creativity or sense of humor. Teams will be provided material for the creation - cartons, fabric residues, hot melt adhesives, etc. Within a set deadline, competitors will be able to create any costume in front of the audience and present themselves on the subsequent last minute cosplay promenade.

Rules: 1. Competition can be attended by 2-4-member teams. 2. Competitors will be provided with material to share with all teams. 3. Competitors must wear the costume safely, that is, they do not cause harm to themselves or others (to work safely with a melting pistol, cutter and the like). 4. Based on the number of teams logged, a time limit for costume creation is set (15-30 minutes). Once the timeout is over, it is not possible to make further adjustments to the costume. In the end one of the contestants must wear the costume. It is also possible to create costume directly on one of the contestants (for example, sticking the cardboard parts during the creation directly to the member of the team you have chosen on the promenade). 5. During the process, you can introduce your cosplay to the audience, what it means to be (can be inspired by any medium or it can be original cosplay), or show off the roleplay. Audience communication is also allowed during costume creation - you can enjoy the audience, explain the creation process, or answer questions. 6. The costume must be suitable for the underage viewer. Avoid over-exposure on stage. 7. The contest winner is selected by the audience. 8. Competitors shall follow the instructions of the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules.

Registration is possible via mail and also on the spot.

Registration form: Email subject: Last minute cosplay battle * Team name: * Team members:


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