Original Costume Contest

Do you have your own RPG character, that you would like to bring into reality? Do you like competitions or you would like to present your original character to the audience? The don't hesitate to take part in the new competition category Original Costume and show your creativity! The competition category is also suited for costume fans that don't have enough experiences with making of costumes. Therefore the minimal requirements for the competitions are less restrictive than classical cosplay (it is permitted to use bought parts, more in rules section). During the competition the competitors will present the history or features of their character with a short performance or in discussion. The difficulty is really not that tough so don't hesitate and take part!


Rules of Original Costume

  • The registration will be open till 10.11.2018.
  • All the contestants are required to provide organizers with all the required information in the application form by the end of the registration period on mail cosplay.nipponfest@gmail.com (in case of scene also the music or video).
  • The costume cannot be made based on existing outfit (it cannot be a classical cosplay). The character can be completely original or existing character but with own design.
  • The competitor can take part in this contest with costume with which he/she already used in other contest but not won an prize.
  • In the Original Costume it is also permitted to create the costume using bought parts - in this case the whole costume must consist of more parts (it is not sufficient to combine civil clothes with an old hat or cat ears). Using bought prepared costume is not permitted (for example carnival costumes).
  • It is recommended that at least 1/3 of the costume should be hand made (but it is not mandatory). The judges will judge the difficulty of process making of costume. Competitors are required to be able to provide documentation from the production of the costume (photos, etc.) to confirm its authenticity it asked so by the judges.
  • Costumes can not contain dangerous objects (e.g., any weapons, which could be considered functional). Self-made weapon props (from wood, paper, foam, etc.) are allowed at your own risk.
  • Costumes should be appropriate for minor viewers, so no nudity and vulgarisms.
  • Jury determines the winner. Jury evaluates the quality of the costume, creativity and presentation or character history.
  • The organizer has rights to change the competition rules.

How the contest will proceed

  • Competition will consist of two rounds:
    • First round: Judging. Each competitor will spend few minutes with the judges. They’ll mostly judge the quality of the costume and if all the rules were met.
    • Second round: Presentation of the costume/character on stage.
  • All the competitors must join both rounds.
  • It’s possible to join the competition as solo or group during performance. But each competitor will be judged separably.
  • During the performance the competitor will play or present his character and its history. Or how the costume was made. He can do that using the moderator (if it isn't a play). It is sufficient to tell what is the costume, what its purpose, what inspired him/her to make it and why. Don't hesitate to be original. If you don't have a scene the we suggest to try out arrival on podium in form of a promenade (send us your music in form of .mp3 or .avi in length of promenade max 1 minute and 30 seconds).
  • In case of skit: allowed time limit on stage is 3 minutes. Competitors don’t have to use all this time, it’s just a maximum. Competitors can use music or video in their performance (.mp3 and .avi). Send the music in the exact length of your performance. The medial file can be music or self-made voice recording combined with every sound effect. The performance can be without music (in case of bigger group we can't guarantee microphones for everyone, if you can speak loud then it should be sufficient). To your performance you can prepare light direction. Please inform us beforehand using registration.


Registration into the contest send on cosplay.nipponfest@gmail.com The subject of mail must be „Original costume registration“. Registration mail must also contain filled registration form and music or video attached if it is part of your performance.


Example of registration form

Contest category: original costume
Name and Surname:
Name of your costume:
Type of performance: (if you don't have a scene then the moderator will ask you few questions)
Brief history of your costume, how was it made or inspiration for it:
Light direction:

(In case of Nick please mention also how it is spoken).

Further information you will receive per mail before the festival. Any queries should be sent to the mail cosplay.nipponfest@gmail.com

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