K-pop Showcase

Music, dancing, singing, movement, body language, stories, toil and sweat. All this and more combines in a single line, at one time and in one place - Showcase. The connection of dance and singing performances on one stage pleasing the eye and ears.


Rules and technical requirements

  • The group or solo performer can have up to max 2 performances.
  • The length of one performance cannot be longer than 5 minutes.
  • In case of collaboration it counts as a performance for all participants. (If it is collaboration of 2 or more groups the performance counts for all groups.)
  • The songs in contest cannot repeat. The first group/solist to register the song have the privilege to keep it. Another group who register the song later must choose another one.


For registration send an email with subject „Contest Registration“ to sekcia.hangukon@gmail.com.

Registration data

* mandatory data

  • Name of group / individual *:
  • Stage´s names for the group:
  • Name and surname *: (for a group of all members)
  • Contact mail *:
  • Character of performance * (singing, dancing, singing and dancing):
  • Collaboration with another group / individual? * (No/Yes) (if yes, write name of group or individual):
  • Name of song and Artist *:
  • Length of performance *:
  • Special requirements:
  • Something about your group / individual:

Contact information

In case of any questions, feel free to contact the coordinator on mail address: sekcia.hangukon@gmail.com


End date of registration

November 12, 2018

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