About us

Nipponfest is a festival focused on Japanese culture and pop-culture that wants to engage a broader audience, not only long term fans, but also bystanders. Its mission is to contribute to raising awareness of Japan as a country, but also to understand its culture and traditions. To reach this goal, we have prepared a rich program, in which every visitor should find something interesting.

Not only traditional lectures on a wide range of topics, but also the possibility to play table games, and the opportunity to engage in Japanese style competitions, that visitors can enjoy for a while distant country and its beauty. Not only its attractions, rich culture and traditions, but also comics (manga), animation (anime), pop music or TV series (j-drama) which will be presented in lectures. Lecture complement will be table games like SHOGI - Japanese equivalent of chess, GO - Japanese strategic board game, or in less known game of mahjong. Relaxing atmosphere will be slightly disturbed by competition for great prizes. Visitors can compete in KARAOKE - where the contestants will try to charm the audience with singing, and Cosplay (Costume Play) – where the visitors will compete with best costume of any character from the world of Japanese animation or games. Fans of film can enter competition to create AMV (Anime Music Video), where is important to find interesting combination of music and different scenes of anime and for those more gifted in dance there will be competition in DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), where is important to coordinate movements to match the arrows on the screen in the beat of the music. Those who have great knowledge of Japanese animation, can compete in Anime Jeopardy.

For those who prefer a peaceful moment, there will be teahouse. You can also buy a figurines, posters, key rings and bags with anime or Japanese theme.

There is also the projection of selected titles from Japanese animation and film production.

We look forward for your visit!