• Winners of contests 2015

    Wondering how the competitions fared at this year of Nipponfest and Hangukon? You can see all of them in this article.


    Big THANK YOU for all our visitors, that (once again) came to Nipponfest and Hangukon.

  • Photo competition 2015

    Do not forget that photo competition of the Nipponfest & Hangukon still exists!

  • Program of convention inside your smartphones!

    Program of convention inside your smartphones!

    Dear visitors Since we are a modern convention and we like our enviroment, we have prepared convention programe inside your own smartphone.

  • Market stalls of the SVET OTAKU and FUNTASTIC

    Dear visitors, you can expand your collections of plush toys or manga also this year. After a good purchase in the Svet Otaku you will be able to play great games that will bring you Funtastic.

  • Presentation about religious pilgrimage practices

    Presentation about religious pilgrimage practices

    Every year is full of new guests in Nipponfest. This year we are glad to present you the head of Japanese studies seminar in Masaryk university in Brno, Mgr. Zuzana Kubovčáková, M.A., Ph.D.



    The tea ritual- such a precise repetition of the same gestures and the same tastes; accession to simple, authentic and refined sensations, a license given to all, at little cost, to become aristocrats of taste - has the extraordinary virtue of introducing into the absurdity of our lives an aperture of serene harmony. (an excerpt from Muriel Barbery- The Elegance of the Hedgehog)

  • Programme Nipponfest & Hangukon 2015

    The preliminary program is out and you can look forward to two days of interesting and fun in several programming lines.

  • Japanese logic puzzles

    Japanese logic puzzles

    Almost everyone knows Sudoku. But did you hear about nurikabe, masyu, yajilin or heyawake?

  • Noodle contest

    Noodle contest

    The great war against the noodles can begin! Join the stand against the ruthless enemies on the platter and leave your rivals in dust. The noodle eating contest is here!

  • Convention programme - friday

    Dear visitors, Since many of you will be travelling already on Friday, so that you could catch Saturday`s programme from morning on. For you we have prepared special Friday evening programme in the form of playing blockbuster movies of japanese cinematography.



    Again this year on Saturday, we will have a great Kpop party!



    Also this year you can enjoy the cosplay debate, this time with Slovak cosplayers Michaelis, Felan and cosplay contest jury members Hermy, Niky, Kasame and Czech cosplayer Ginger.

  • Origami workshop

    Origami workshop

    Origami is an art technique using a paper. More specificaly, only single sheet of paper, which can be folded into various shapes, beings or objects.

  • Manga workshop

    Manga workshop

    Do you like manga and have you ever wondered how is it being made? How to make a likeable character and how to put together various frames? We have a special workshop for all artists and manga fans out there!

  • Workshop lamps

    Workshop lamps

    Do you know how to make lamp shades using wood and rice paper? Come to try it with us.

  • Tickets presale

    Tickets presale

    Dear friends, as many of you already know tickets pre-sale is in full swing. This year we are offerring unchanged pre-sale ticket price but more fun. Pre-sale ticket is valid for all 3 days.



    Pocket monsters are here since 1996 and they spread like a virus around the whole world. At first it was a series of video games for portable gaming console, but it quickly got popularized and gradually were made anime tv series, manga, toys, stickers, figurines and trading cards. This virus still hasn't got a proper cure – evidence is the Pokémon GO, which should attack us in 2016. Unfortunately, our festival Nipponfest caught this virus too and literally it has mutated! :)


    Do you think that there is nothing that Nipponfest and Hangukonu can surprise you with? Do you want to add to your favorite festival a new dimension? Enter the Nippon quest.

  • Caligraphy - workshop

    Caligraphy - workshop

    You can look forward again this year to an unforgettable lectures and workshops of the calligraphy with Mr. Štefan Jakubáč and his wife Seiko Ginsho.

  • Lolita Fashion: Lorinoko and Porcelain Doll

    Lolita Fashion: Lorinoko and Porcelain Doll

    The first Slovak Lolita fashion brand - Lorinoko will be present with sales booth together with Czech brand Procelain Doll right on our convention.



    Our last jury in the Cosplay competition is Kasame!

  • Denisa Ogino on Nipponfest!

    Denisa Ogino on Nipponfest!

    Are you curious about this year’s programe? We are still working on it, but we can already offer you an insight of what you can look forward to. The first presenter in Nippon panel is Denisa Ogino.

  • Karaoke contest

    Karaoke contest

    Do you enjoy singing? If you never skip an anime opening to sing along with, do not hesitate and come to show us your favourite song on our stage!

  • Workshop kumihimo

    Workshop kumihimo

    Kumihimo is one of many weaving methods. Its popularity among public rised anew during last few years. Have you met it yet?

  • Photo contest

    Photo contest

    Ever since the prehistoric times people have the need to show themselves artistically, their home and nature, but also things that they felt were magical and unusual.

  • Cosplay jury

    Cosplay jury

    Certainly you are already interested in who will be the second jury member at the Cosplay competition during our festival! If the photo says to you nothing, then please read more.

  • Workshops wanted!

    Workshops wanted!

    Do you like to use a japanese or korean elements on casual objects? Do you create any extra-ordinary things with a desire to share the making process with other people? Sign in your workshop.

  • Cosplay contest

    Cosplay contest

    Dear fans and visitors. We bring you your favorite cosplay competition. At the same time we present the first juror, and also the head of the competition - Hermy

  • Sellers and shops here!

    Are you a seller or shop with Japanese themed goods and interested in selling them at our festival? That it absolutely no problem!

  • All creative artits attention please!

    There is also place in our festival for the ones, who love to be creative, make things and espesially like to present their own work. That is why we offer these artists a chance to show and sell their artworks. And to gain new or please older fans.

  • Lecturers for Nipponfest 2015 wanted!

    Do you like to talk about your interests? Are you not afraid of an audience and open to new experience? If yes, then we are looking for you, lecturers for Nipponfest 2015!

  • Funtastic Competition!

    Funtastic Competition!

    Nipponfest and Hangukon fans attention! We bring you a competition where you can win attractive prizes, so feel free to join in! Have fun and get the prizes that you or your loved ones will have fun with.

  • Asiadays 2015

    Asiadays 2015

    Hello people! Do you plan to visit city center on saturday? If that is the case, then be sure to check out Asiadays. Our friends from AIC have prepared great program for you.

  • Animefest 2015

    Animefest 2015

    Dear fans. From 1. to 3. May you should definitelly visit Brno. Our Czech friends have Animefest - convention full of fun and unforgettable memories.

  • Results of competitions

    Let's recall who won in contests at Nipponfest & Hangukon?