Also this year you can enjoy the cosplay debate, this time with Slovak cosplayers Michaelis, Felan and cosplay contest jury members Hermy, Niky, Kasame and Czech cosplayer Ginger. Cosplayers will tell you about their often humorous incidents and experiences, they will compare foreign cons and cosplay community. Also tehy will talk about hot topics and issues cin cosplay world and also you will have the opportunity to ask them your own questions. Jurys were presented in previous contributions, so now lets look on the second half of our participants in cosplay discussion.


MichaelisMichaelis performed his first cosplay in September 2012. Since then he completely fell  into the production of costumes and cosplay. Between 2013 and 2014 he represented Slovakia at the international competition Eurocosplay, which is held annually in London. In 2014 he managed to win the sixth place which he considers as his greatest achievement yet. He is also trying to participate in other foreign manga and anime themed festivals. He favors detailed and period costumes - which  production often takes several months.



FelanFelan is dedicated cosplayer for whole five years now. She focuses mainly on gaming cosplays. Her achievements include 3rd place at AnimeSHOW with  Unmasked Kayle from the League of Legends and 1st place at BenQ cosplay contest in Katowice. You know her as a member of the group CZ / SK LoL cosplayer.





GingerGinger is a Czech cosplayer and dancer. She was supported by Hemluka and started cosplaying in 2013. At present, she  spends her time in LoL cosplays and she goes on shows dedicated for gaming enthusiasts and YouTube fans (Utubering, 4fans ..). Recently, beside cosplay she started  dace K-pop dancecovers with her group B2L. This group for a short period of its existence, managed to fight their way to the finals of czech K-pop contest.