Presentation about religious pilgrimage practices

Every year is full of new guests in Nipponfest. This year we are glad to present you the head of Japanese studies seminar in Masaryk university in Brno, Mgr. Zuzana Kubovčáková, M.A., Ph.D.

Ms. Kubovčáková is focusing on japanese religion and culture. The goal of her presentation is to introduce us to religious movement Shugendo, which is characteristic for its unique joint of Buddhism and Shinto elements in the view of how they co-existed in Japan. Presentation will outline the basic ideas of both religions and demonstrate their common aspects on religious pilgrimages as an example. In the end we will have an insight into Shugendo and its practices in form of a video, where we can see an interesting archaic view on different status of men and women in traditional society.

The presentation Shugendo: ancient pilgrimage practices in modern Japan will take place in Nippon panel at 12 am. 

Organization team