Caligraphy presentation

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Lecture and workshop of the calligraphy - Štefan Jakubáč and his wife Seiko Ginsho.

The art of calligraphy has its background in the fine arts, in which the creating a character takes precedence over its readability. Characters are also created with a considerable proportion of spontaneity and improvisation. Written calligraphic font was used mainly to start the printing press, which was moved to the field of office and art.

Much more significant is, however, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy. In conjunction with the kanji provides a completely different sensation. This is a common and popular art. Calligraphy is often hung on the wall as a decoration. The artist's state of mind is reflected in any art, and so it is also in calligraphy.

Seiko Ginsho (real name川島 誠 子 - Seiko Kawashima - Jakubáčová), is currently one of the foremost Japanese calligraphers in Europe. She began to study calligraphy as ten years old girl at the folk art school. Later she continued her studies at the art school Miyagino, calligraphy department under the direction of Professor Tomoko Shindo. In 1985 Mrs Ginsho won first prize at the exhibition of calligraphy Art Gallery Ueno in Tokyo. In 1987 she graduated from art school Miyagino and also received a diploma of the calligraphy teacher with the right to use the name Ginsho.

In the years 1994-95 she studied at Yonsei University, Seoul, at the ​​Department of Korean Language and Culture, where she graduated in December 1995. Since 2000 she lives in Slovakia with her husband Štefan and son Leonard. Since 2006 Mrs Ginsho occasionally teaches calligraphy at Comenius University in Bratislava and operates her own salon in Bratislava.


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