Japan through the eyes of Sewi

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Let us introduce to you the next lecturer in our varied program. Is it Sewitches, lover of Japan, which self-taught of Japanese language and spent a year in Japan on study visit. You may also know her from her vlog on YouTube, which we shared and enjoyed during her stay in Shizuoka on our Facebook page.

Sewi is from the old generation of Slovak "otaku" who grew up on the German TV RTL2, so it's no wonder that she loved Sailor Moon since she was six years old. However, it did not remain only with this female warrior against evil - Sewi began to be seriously interested in Japan at the high school, especially after the discovery of the magic of j-pop, doramas and later also idols. After the failure with Japanese studies, Sewi found her own path and came to Japan as a student of art education.

Sewi has prepared for you two insights into Japanese culture:

If you are wondering how non-student of Japanese studies can get to Japan, what advantages or disadvantages (that still have not appeared to Sewi) it has and what you can take from one-year stay in Japan, do not miss the lecture "Study in Japan for non-students of Japanese studies."

The second lecture will carry on the pop-cultured spirit. Have you ever thought, how looks like a concert in Japan and how you can get on one? Sewi, which has a nice handful of Japanese events, will bring also latest experience of the Japanese electro-pop trio Perfume in London.

Have you found yourself in this topic? Come and see "All roads lead to the j-concerts."

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These presentations are in Slovak language.