Legend of the Five Rings & Nero Games

Do you like to play board games? And what about card games? If the answer is yes, you will be certainly pleased that on the festival will be available not only catchy fantasy card game inspired by feudal Japan, but also the original card & board games from the Slovak production.

Legend of the Five Rings is set in the fictional land of Rokugan which has its inspiration in feudal Japan. This collectible card game is similar to the Magic the Gathering cards and is designed for two or more players who build their game packages. Players can win by four different ways, not just by the attacking opponent. After the fulfillment of the conditions is the winner declared as the emperor of the Rokugan.

You will be able to try this game on Nipponfest and Hangukon, the responsible person will gladly explain it and help you with playing.


Nero Games is the original production from Slovakia, creating card and board games since 2006. You could see them on many festivals and events. Nipponfest and Hangukon won´t be the exceptions.

EXPERIENCE:Streetwar, FatalArena, RAW, AB, Sketch, ContRoller and other Nero´s original games will be able to play at our festivals, with the professional commentary of the author himself. 


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