Cosplay jury

Certainly you are already interested in who will be the secondjury member at the Cosplay competition during our festival!

The second member you must be trying to impress is Niky.


Niky has dedicated herself to cosplay for 5 years already and specializes in mainly cosplays from video games.

Within her achievements belong victory in internet competition and first place at AMOC festival with the cosplay of Blood Elf as well as third place at Nipponfest with her cosplay from anime Hataraku Maou-sama.

You could meet her as a member of jury at Y-Games cosplay competition and at Advík, where she chose the Czech representative for EuroCosplay.

Since 2014 Niky collaborates with  Alienware, with which she went at Gamescom last year. This year she has been invited for Hearth Stone tournament in Brno and for the event Utubering in Prag.

Also, she is a member of the group ‘Czechoslovak LoL Cosplayers’.