Photo contest

Ever since the prehistoric times people have the need to show themselves artistically, their home and nature, but also things that they felt were magical and unusual.

Participate in our PhotoContest on Nipponfest and Hangukon festivals and charm us, of course not with cave paintings, but with photographs!

This year we have chosen for you these three topics:
- Different Perspective
- Selfie
The third will you learn on the festival

But be careful, the photographs must be taken during festivals Nipponfest and Hangukon! They should also have reasonable size and can be slightly adjusted (but not altered!). You are also allowed to use a smartphone.

Send photos till 21.11.2015 to email address: [email protected] with the subject: PhotoContest. For more information, see:  Contest rules

Show to us your unique perspective on the world.
Work with people and collect emotions, pleasant or unpleasant.
Mind-blow us with your play with light, shape and color.
But above all have fun and enjoy our festivals and taking photos. :)

Your organization team