Lolita Fashion: Lorinoko and Porcelain Doll

Lolita Fashion: Lorinoko and Porcelain Doll

The first Slovak Lolita fashion brand - Lorinoko will be present with sales booth together with Czech brand Procelain Doll right on our convention.

The Lolita fashion is originated in Japan, however it is inspired by Victorian era, Rococo and last but not least by fairy-tales. Recent years is gaining great popularity all around the world, also in our brotherhood countries.

And precisely from Lolita fashion style the Porcelain Doll and Lorinoko will bring you handmade products, which can make all ladies even more prettier. In the sales booth you will be able to find Lolita skirts, headbows and hair accessories, chokers, neklaces and various jewelery. Surely you will find your choice!

You can find more content on web pages of both brands:

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