Rules for lecturers

- The standard lecture length is 50 minutes. Any greater length has to be consulted (and approved) with the program coordinator and the person in charge of the appointed lecture room.

- The lecture suitable for underage visitors cannot contain any erotic or otherwise harmful material. If its theme needs such material, the lecturer has to mark the lecture as "18+." The organizer has the right to check the age of the audience and forbid entry of any underage visitor to the lecture marked this way.

- The format of the lecture is up to the lecturer, the organizer recommends several various formats including the PDF format for securing the lecture function. Video and audio files deliver separately (via email AND flash disc).

- The lecture (including audio, video or other kind of material) has to be posted on the internet is some way, so the person in charge of the lecture room can download it immediately in case of unexpected technical problems.

- The lecture and its short anotation has to be send in advance because of a technical preparation. The date is usally being announced publicly on the festival website and social sites.

- The lecture has to respect good manners, the laws of Slovak republic and public character of the event, if the theme of the lecture doesn´t require otherwise (if it is so, the lecturer has to inform the organizer in advance).

- Organizer agrees to fufill technical needs of lecturers in all ways his sources allows him to.

- Lecturers have to arrive to the lecture room 5 minutes before their lecture to get ready and check its function.

- The lecturers have to respect the person in charge of the lecture room absolutely.

In case of any questions about lectures please contact us via Guestbook or directly the person in charge of Nipponfest or Hangukon lecture room.

Your organizers